About Me

I am a dedicated engineer, programmer and designer emphasizing the importance of both the creativity to develop the wildest ideas, and the logic of keeping things real. By drawing upon innovation and technical knowledge, I look for the simplest and most creative ways to solve problems.

Throughout my academic career, I have applied my engineering design process on many projects both in-class and extracurricular, from software programming to robotic cars to urban greenhouses. My varied engineering, programming and visual design backgrounds have led to looking at many problems in a different light, reframing them in a creative way, resulting in a more simple and feasible solution. Through my past works, I have come to realize my areas of focus are in reframing problems, aesthetic design and electrical and computer engineering.

My constantly evolving engineering design process has changed over the years, as evidenced by the progression of works in my portfolio. It has come from an unstructured brute-force approach, to its current emphasis on iterative design refinement through research and testing. This process is suited to both individual and team work, through the constant production of easily communicated ideas and digital and physical prototypes throughout the design process.

As I continue through my engineering career, I hope to improve upon my digital modelling and communication skills, vital to expressing, communicating and also testing my designs.