UTEK 2012

Passive Recycling Sorter

As part of the Junior Design Competition at the University of Toronto Engineering Competitions this year, we were tasked to build a passive recycling sorter which could sort and separate batteries, paper balls, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. In our design, the batteries, paper balls and aluminum cans drop into their respective holes while the plastic bottles slide off the end of the cardboard chute.

By decomposing the required functions of a recycling sorter and coming up with the simplest ways possible to do it, we were able to build this design out of a single sheet of folded cardboard, a small cardboard triangle, and a sheet of foamboard as support. This design won us first place in Junior Design at UTEK 2012.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Kriss Petrounov
Brittany Yap
Jenny Yao

Additional Resources

Device Demo Video