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ESC102 Design Challenge: Solutions Phase

The Praxis II Design Challenge moves students through the engineering design process from beginning to end. The Solutions Phase is the continuation of the Framing Phrase of the assignment. Eight RFPs were chosen from among all the submissions, and each group selected an RFP to respond to. The RFP selected by our group identified food insecurity as a major problem in the city, requesting a design for a device which enabled low-income families to grow their own food in an urban setting to supplement their existing nutritional intake.

The solutions phase of the design challenge ends in an open project showcase where members of the public are invited to attend and explore the designs and solutions produced by students in the Praxis II course.

Design Process

The RFP specifically requested a more effective method of Urban Agriculture. It presented problems with many existing geoponics (traditional plant growth in soil) and hydroponics (plants grown in a liquid nutrient bath with no soil) solutions.

The first decision the team made was which medium the plants were to grow in. We evaluated the benefits and issues associated with geoponics (soil), hydroponics (nutrient bath) and aeroponics (air). In the end, it was decided that the team will develop a device utillizing geoponics, due to much lower costs, lower maintenance and lower complexity.

Our team individually generated our own ideas for solutions to this problem, and came back together and put the best components of each individual design into a combined product which utilized the best elements of each. Finally, the details were put into place, including material selection, lighting systems and dimensions.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Charlie Guan
Joel Tham
Emma Zhang

Additional Material

RFP document
Project Showcase Poster