Request for Proposals

Improving Emergency Response Times through House Number Illumination
ESC102 Design Challenge: Framing Phase

The Praxis II Design Challenge moves students through the engineering design process from beginning to end. The challenge is to "sustainably improve the quality of life of a City of Toronto community-in-need". Starting with the framing phrase, students must explore the City of Toronto and identify problems in the community.

While our group was talking to various members of the public, a Toronto police officer with Division 52 identified that the visibility of most house numbers at night were unsatisfactory. The difficult-to-read numbering was hindering drivers who were trying to locate an address. More importantly, it was hindering emergency responders.

Our group took this idea and through additional research, reframing and conversations with additional emergency responders such as Paramedics, we compiled a Request for Proposal on solutions to the issue of illegible house numbering.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Charlie Guan
Joel Tham
Emma Zhang

Additional Material

Project Requirements
Final Document (Request for Proposal)