A food expiry date management device
ESC101 Detailed Design Project

The Praxis I Detailed Design Project is a continuation of the earlier Conceptual Design Project, with an emphasis on detailed design decisions. The conceptual design report produced by another group was provided, and our task was to refine the design selected by the conceptual design team by delving into the details. Detailed decisions such as the user interface, materials, and size must be determined.

Design Process

Since the conceptual design was already provided, idea and concept generation was not required. Thus, the detailed design decisions were made mainly from further research based upon reference designs, current research and engineering best practices. In order to evaluate and compare certain solutions against others, tools such as weighted decision matrices and indexes were used.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Junaid Warwani
Roberto Bortolussi
Jim Cui

Additional Material

Project Requirements
Conceptual Design Report Provided
FoodMinder Detailed Design Report