Recycling Management Device Design

ESC101 Conceptual Design Project

The Praxis I Conceptual Design Project involved producing conceptual designs in response to a problem statement in the form of a design brief.

The problem statement we received highlighted the issue of aluminum cans increasing the volume and cost of recycling collection because when uncompacted, they take up a lot of space.

The Root of the Problem

The design problem was reframed to a household level due to the scope of the assignment. By tracing the root of the problem, our team found that the issue was with alunimum cans, and other recycling, taking up space in general. They do not neccesarily need to be compacted. Thus, we reframed the problem to be a packing factor problem. The various sizes of recyclable material in a household result in empty space between the materials when thrown haphazardly into the recycling bin. The new approach to the root of the problem eliminated the complicated moving parts and expensive machinery required to compact garbage.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Junaid Warwani
Roberto Bortolussi
Jim Cui

Additional Material

Project Requirements
Problem Statement / Design Brief
Conceptual Design Report