Arduino Remote-Controlled Car

Grade 12 Robotics Summative Project

The Arduino Remote-Controlled Car was constructed as a cumulative project for a Grade 12 Robotics and Computer Engineering course. It was based off two Arduino micro-controllers, an Arduino Uno in the remote control, and an Arduino Mega on the car itself. The two micro-controllers were linked using their serial interface. Originally, the communications link was to be a wireless XBee shield, but due to budget limitations, a wired interface through an Ethernet cable was used instead.

The Build

The programming and the hardware were constructed in parallel, permitting an accelerated project time-frame. Base program features were written first, such as the control loop and serial communications protocols. Specific hardware control aspects were written later as their respective hardware components were developed.


We tried to emulate most of the features of a car, including a horn, parking and reverse lights, headlights, and brake lights. We even put a PRNDL gear shift and ignition on the controller.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Kriss Petrounov