A digital heart rate monitor
AP Physics C Summative Project

As part of the end-of-term assessments in the AP Physics C class I took, our lab groups were asked to construct a digital heart rate monitor using only basic integrated circuits and primitive electronic components. We were required to consider and perform all aspects of the product design and construction, including the heart rate sensor, the electronics and the appearance and marketing of the product. Finally, the product must be constructed and demonstrated with a fully functional prototype. Our end product: LifePulse.

Designed for Ease of Construction

LifePulse was built with modularity. In case one of the 4 major modules failed either in design or in construction, they could easily be replaced with another working module, without affecting anything else. The modules could also be built concurrently and separately, increasing efficiency.

Designed for the User Experience

Large controls and a large display make LifePulse as easy to use as possible. Symbols replaced words as much as possible to make LifePulse language-neutral.

The Team

Simeon Wong
Kriss Petrounov
David Brown
Iva Milo

Additional Material

Project Requirements
Technical Drawings, Bill of Materials, and Prospectus
Product Brochure